Piko, as he is simply known, defies logic as one of the most intelligent beings in all of Kairias. He is a goblin from a tribe of storm sorcerers to the northeast and is considered by his family members and tribe to be a considerable failure. During the lightning ritual in which the storm goblins activate their children’s sorcerer powers Piko instead received untold amounts of arcane knowledge and impressive control of the common language from the God Aureon.

Piko immediately became a priest of Aureon and began living the tenants and spreading the teachings of knowledge and justice.

Piko moved to Kairias after being thrown from his tribe and immediately went to the arcane district to exercise his knowledge. After weeks and dramatic successes, wonderful inventions, and a few explosions, King Aster came down to see the unimaginable “Genius Goblin.”

Piko foresaw the visit coming and knew of Aster’s dislike for deities, so instead of informing Aster that his knowledge came from Aureon, he convinced Aster that he was the first successful survivor of a brain transplant, and that all of the goblins working under him (who he divinely implanted knowledge into) were a particularly special breed of goblin that happened to be smarter than average.

Piko was promoted quickly to a red artificer and oversees all districts of arcane advancement. Only one wizard rivals Piko’s authority in Kairias, but he is unreliable, erratic, and often missing from the city.


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